The Book at the End of the Story

Almost a year ago, I published my first work on Amazon. It was derivative of Hugh Howey's WOOL stories (and published with permission). It was not my first published work, but it was my first fiction piece and my first writing I put a price tag on. My other works were technical, academic, and published in trade jounals. This was, to say the least, a new frontirer for me.

I fully expected a slate of one-star reviews ending in Amazon kicking my book off of the website for "poor customer experiece," which is something they really do. As it turned out, my reviews were not terrible at all.

I ended up writing three more pieces in the world of WOOL and publishing them on Amazon. Even more exciting was that I started a four-part novel, Desperate to Escape. Two parts are now published in the Kindle Store and I am working on the third part.

Even more, more exciting is that I met a great group of indie authors who encouraged me to write more, invited me to be apart of an anthology (out soon), and kept me sane through the early days of my writing. The first time you get a one star review is not fun, let me tell you.

The end of this story is that I will have a full novel published sometime this summer. My first.