Review of ROOF

This is the first book I've read by John Hancock, though I've heard the name before. 

Let me start by saying John has made this book something special for his readers. He has included illustrations at the beginning of each chapter (they are in color for those of you lucky enough to use a color device). The illustrations are well done and set the mood of the book itself. 

The story is a first-person narrative of a man who works in a company that is slowly replacing all the employees with robots. Or, I suppose you could look at it as the story of robots who are being gainfully employed in positions that used to be held by inefficient humans.

The content is philosophical and poignant, full of the reality of the human condition. Unlike other books in this genre, though, John manages to throw in some humor, giving this book just a hint of a Douglas Adams feel.

It's hard to pick out something I don't like about the book, but here is my only concern: At the end of the book, the dialogue did some of the philosophical heavy lifting for me and narrows the door of what could happen after the climax. I would have rather left the book thinking about implications of the events without knowing how things worked out overall.

All in all, this is a clever book that you should buy, read, and enjoy.