Review of Linear Shift, Part I

Linear Shift, Part I is, as the title suggests, the first in a series. This first part is only $0.99 US and is a teaser for the rest of the story. The series is a time-travel book with serious character development. That is to say, the main character is not jumping around like a Doctor Who wanna-be. No sir, in Paul's book, the protagonist has had a rough go of it for many years and all of it is coming to a head.

What I like about this part of the story is that it is a time-travel book without any time-travel. The author sets up the situation and the characters, but does not actually have anyone zipping through time causing butterfly effects. Time-travel, then, is just "a thing" in the story not "the thing." It's a very promising way to start the series.

Part two of this series is already on Amazon, is longer, and, as a fair warning, costs more than part one. I look forward to seeing if Paul can deliver on the setup he has already laid down for his readers.

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