Review of The Gate of Time

I've been trying to read books by indie authors I talk to, get advice from, and generally know online. Stefan Bolz is not one of those people. I've seen his name, maybe even had a Twitter talk or two with him, but he's not in my inner circle of authors I regularly communicate with.

After reading The Gate of Time, I think he'd be a good author to know. The story was short (20 pages), I read it in under an hour. In fact, it's so short I hate to say much of anything about the storyline itself, except that for being a Twilight-Zone-type story, the main character can be easily realted to.

The writing is excellent and the story is impeciblly edited, something that is good to see in an indie offering. The mystery draws you in and leaves you wondering what option you would take if you were in the same situation. I like it when short stories leave me wondering about the ramifications of the characters choices, and this book does that.

If you are looking for a quick read while waiting at a doctors office or for a plane to land, this book is a good choice. I picked it up on a free promotion day, but one dollar is very close to free so don't wait for it if you are looking for a short, good, read.

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