Review of Dead Sight

Dead Sight is the second book in the Dead Sleep Trilogy, written by Will Swardsrtom. You can see my review of the first book in the series here. This review will have some spoilers from the first book, so be warned.

When we left Jack and Kristina, things were going pretty well. They had shaken their pursuers, Jack could use his powers to see what the future held, and they even had a disembodied robot head as a souvenir.

As you can guess things don't go well for long. Jack has to deal with the ramifications of using his powers full-strength after letting them atrophy for years. Kristina has to acclimate to her first days of freedom from The Company. And the disembodied head? Let's just say she's not just the comic relief.

This book also provides some much needed background on Jack and how he got his powers. Additionally, you get to meet more characters, good, bad, and questioning. The events take place over the course of several days traveling in the Dakotas. If you've ever been on a vacation up there, you'll know most of the locations the author describes. Reading this book made me relive a vacation I took several years ago as the characters visited many of the same tourist attractions I had been to.

The writing in this book continues the author's previous style. I can best describe reading this book like watching a television show. You get to see scenes from many perspective and points of view.

The book moved along nicely, but the ending really got me excited for the last book in the series. I would have bought it immediately had it been available. I do recommend this book, especially if you liked the television shows Heroes and 24.

In the interest of full disclosure, I have never met the author, but I have been in communication with him online for nearly a year. He is a very good guy and I appreciate the guidance he gives me as a fellow indie author.

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