Indie Author Line in the Sand

First of all, big news! Desperate to Escape is now available on the Nook! It's also on Kobo and a few other sales channels. If you know someone looking for ebooks but who does not use a Kindle, please let them know about D2E.

Now, on to the real meat of the post.

Since completing my first novel, I've landed in a bit of a writer's valley. I've never had what I consider writer's block. I may write slower than some people, but the words come. My problem is one of focus. I start a story, then get distracted by another story and start working on that one instead. Soon, I have lots of starts and no finishes.

Tonight I went back to a story I'd started a while back and completely rewrote what I had already done. In the meantime, I've gotten nothing finished. I'm sure I'm not the only one this happens to.

I'm drawing a line in the sand and publicly stating what my next few projects will be so I will only focus on those for a while. Here's the list:

1. Repose: A Superhero Story (only editing to go)
2. Becoming Minion (working title, currently writing)
3. Reflect (written, but I had very different reactions from beta readers and trying to decide whose suggestions to follow)

I reserve the right to jump between these projects and to make notes for my next novel. However, I need to get some of these done and out to readers so I don't feel like I'm collecting story parts.

If you are an indie author, I challenge you to make your own line in the sand and state what projects you will finish next.