Review of Becoming Violet by Logan Thomas Snyder

Logan Thomas Snyder is another one of those indie authors to keep an eye on. Becoming Violet is a short story he wrote awhile back, but I just got around to reading. When I first saw this title, I thought the name was word play with an alternate name "Becoming Violent." If you've read some of Logan's other works, you might know why I thought that, he has an ability to write graphic violence like nobody's business. This story, however, is not graphic, showing the author's range and his ability to write engaging stories of all types.

My first thought upon reading this short story is that is would be perfect fodder for an anthology, but found it's way in the wild on its own (one of those nice things about the 99 cent price point on Amazon--no need to get approved by an editor to get your story out there.) The set up is simple (warning, very minor spoilers), a lonely man orders a robotic companion and has second thoughts before turning it on. The results of his change of heart become a burden that ultimately leads to to his salvation, or his demise depending on how you look at it.

If you like the indie sci-fiction scene, check this out. I've heard Logan has decided to make this into a multi-part story, but the ending of Becoming Violet does not leave you with the feeling it is unfinished as a short story. Of course, the best short stories don't answer all your questions, otherwise they don't work as a short story (in my opinion, which is worth what you paid for it.) 

Find a link to the book on Amazon below. I should note that Logan is an active participant in one of the author groups I am a part of. 

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